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Hey! It’s Souzan here and I’m the founder of TeaVoila. I’m also a firm believer that the world doesn’t need more products — what it does need is better solutions to existing problems. So at TeaVoila our goal is to make a difference by providing quality solutions to existing problems, ensuring good health and a clean environment. So, here’s how we plan to address some crucial issues damaging health and our environment. Take a look :

We have launched TeaVoila with a mission to make the US and the world a better place to live for everyone. It may sound like a far-fetched dream, but we have begun our journey and will continue to realize our mission and what we believe. At the same time, at every step, we balanced quality, sustainability, technology and design.

Teavoila About Us Problems and Solutions


50 billion takeaway cups are added to landfills in the US annually, while only 1 in 400 cups is recycled.


Made from biodegradable and compostable paper, our teacups tackle the war on landfill and takeaway cup pile up. Compostable means that these cups are capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, thereby leaving no toxicity in the soil. Moreover, our biodegradable paper teacups can be decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms, thereby lowering carbon footprints. Put simply; our teacups are eco-friendly. It is a part of our on-going effort of going “green,” and keeping the environment safe.


A quarter of each tea bag, from most industry-leading brands, is composed of plastic. Due to the plastic content (regardless of how much is included), tea bags are hard to decompose completely. This altogether makes them a bad option for compost material, the environment, and of course, for your body. Also the the bags are mainly dust or low quality tea leaves.


Use our loose leaf tea with our tea infuser built inside the cup to overcome it. We offer green loose tea leaves, which present a great alternative to teabags. With our products, you can make a healthy cup of tea anytime. The infuser keeps tea leaves inside the basket with no residue left in your cup. Besides, our loose tea leaves are typically more flavorful because they haven’t been ground to dust to fit into a tiny plastic tea bag!


Overpaying for a cup of tea adds up very quickly.


Save time and money! You can get 3 refill out of one cup.

Omid Foundation

Our Charity Partner

With every purchase, we are able to donate to Omid Foundation who supports female in Greece, enabling them to find empowerment in their quest to build a new life for themselves in Europe. They benefit from a range of services including person-centered and trauma-informed support in housing and shelter, legal, medical, psychosocial therapeutic services, and education. With a growing expert-led International team, we continue to recruit the best talent in developing our holistic program in Greece.

OMID is committed to strengthening the social, emotional, and economic opportunities of disadvantaged young women. We provide them with a sense of self-worth and life and opportunities in three key areas: self-empowerment, education, and training. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to helping these young women learn to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. Women leave our program feeling proud, strong, and able to live their lives happily and confidentially in today’s society.

Email: support@teavoila.com

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