Tieh Kwan Yin Oolong
Silver Needle White Tea

Teavoila Tea

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Tea Type: Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Tieh Kwan Yin Oolong Tea
Silver Needle White Tea
Keemun Black Tea
Relaxing Herbal Tea
Quantity: 12 Cups
12 Cups
6 Cups
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Are the cups reusable?

You can refill the cups 3 times with the same taste and aroma. After that you just compost the cup.

Does the tea oversteep since the tea leaves sealed and stored at the bottom of the cups?

Our plant-based filters have sealing technology at the bottom of the cup so bitter tea is a thing of the past! Simply add more hot water when you almost reach the bottom of the cup.

How to brew?

Using TeaVoila is simple. Just add ¼ cup of hot water, swirl the cup gently, then top the cup with hot water and enjoy.

Product Description

Teavoila Tea is a Premium high-quality and organic loose-leaf tea in a food-grade compostable bamboo cup with a plant fiber filter.

Cup Information
  • High Quality Loose Tea Leaves Inside
  • Weight: 3g
  • Cup Size: 12oz
  • Each Package Contains 12 Cups
Cup Materials
  • Food Grade Bamboo Cup
  • Planter Fiber Filter
  • PLA Cup
  • Composted

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
T Aufmuth
New tea snob!

I've always enjoyed tea; it didn't really matter what kind... until now!
The Keemun Black Tea was a wonderful delight to discover! What a treat of aroma and taste. I realize now how inferior ordinary teas are. Add in the benefits of TeaVoila's portability, rebrewing three times per cup, and no guilt disposability -- Tea Voila is a winner all around!
**Customer Service = TEN stars!!! AWESOME** Crazy fast delivery here!
New Fan Here! (And a new tea snob, I'm afraid! ha ha)
Hinting strongly for a subscription as a gift for Mother's Day...

Svetlana Maksimenko
Best ever green tea!

I love TeaVoila green tea with jasmine! Great quality & beautiful idea 3 refills in one cup. Works perfectly to take tea cup on the go.
I love TeaVoila and highly recommend it to tea lovers!

Christine Noblin
Secret Sant

Love this place, I do Secret Santa every year with a few of my Facebook friends. The lady that I drew this year is a lover of teas and I was looking for something different. I also had a short window of time to get it to Kansas, well Thanks to a very thoughtful owner she rocked in getting my order there in time for Jen to open it Christmas Morning. I was so happy to have nailed the gift, as I was happy to hear how much she loved the tea and how ingenious the tea company is on how they made it where 1 cup can give you 3 servings, depending on how weak or strong you like your cup of Tea. Thank you again for making her Christmas morning a happy one.

Kelly B
LOVE this!

A tea friend of mine turned me on to this brand. I admit, I am a bit of a tea snob and I thought, while interesting, there is no way this tea is going to be up to my standards. But, up for a challenge, I tried all 4 types. First thoughts, the brew method is genius. No mess. No hassle. Just genius. The cups are so good. Sturdy enough for 3 steeps and the lid stays on tight. Cups don't get too hot to carry. I LOVE the fact I don't have to carry the loose leaf tea, a mug and steeping gadgets with me all the time. One lightweight TeaVoila cup in my backpack or purse and I am good to go. The tea is really good and the flavor does last through 3 steeps. And, the shipping....2 days after I ordered, the box was at my front door. Maybe it is because I am also in Missouri; but even so, superfast delivery. Love it!!! The picture is my view today (and yes, I am bursting with tea!). I finished off the White from last night and HAD to try all the rest. GREAT JOB TeaVoila! Count me in as a big fan!!!

Great Tea

Would definitely recommend, especially the Jasmine Green Tea! Great taste and convenience. I use the cups to brew with no mess, and pour into another cup when steeped to my liking, so I can reuse many times!

Souzan Founder of TeaVoila

ˮTea is not just a drink for me, it’s my passion; my love.ˮ